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Church and Fellowship

Written by Kjell J Matland


The vast majority of people are brainwashed into believing that member organizations, institutions and businesses can be churches. We are thus brainwashed into believing that the world is church. We are thus also brainwashed into giving our loyalty to the world and not to Christ wholeheartedly. This may be the great apostasy the Bible speaks of. Perhaps local churches and denominations therefore are not churches at all, 2 Thessalonians 2:3


There is only one church, the body and bride of Jesus. Everything that is written about churches in the Bible must be understood from this. Thus, everything that violates the unity of this one church, the unity of the one body or the unity of the spirit, are not of God but of the world. Absolutely all organizations, institutions, companies, groups and businesses that call themselves churches are therefore of the world. All are of the world and absolutely none are good churches.. We have been deceived by the fact that they are called churches, that the general managers are called pastors, that the board members are called elders, etc. Thus, Christians have been deceived into loving the world, giving their loyalty to the world, instead of to God with all their heart. This may be the great apostasy the Bible speaks of.


So, there is just one real church, the body of Jesus. It consists of all genuine Christians. They are members of the body, 1 Corinthians 12:12-13, 25. We cannot choose which church to belong to. We are born into the church, Jhn 1:12-13. All churches we can choose to belong to are not of God, but of the world. This is also what God wants us to emphasize, that there is only one church and on this basis He wants us to have fellowship, Ephesians 4:3-4. Fellowship, however, is not a church. The body of Jesus is the church and only that. Thus, when the Bible mentions the church in a city, it does not refer to the church as a body or a fellowship, but only as the believers in the city. We don't belong to the church in a city. We belong to Jesus and live in the city. All other understanding of this is impossible, because it will violate the unity of the body.


Thus also with the church in a house. It describes only the believers in a household or family. All other understanding is impossible. There is no division in that we live in different cities or belong to different families. There will be division, on the other hand, if we can choose which church we can belong to. Thus, we do not belong to a fellowships either. We belong to Jesus and have fellowship with other members of the body. On the other hand, if we can belong to a church other than the one body of Jesus, God's church would be built on divisiveness, on sandy ground, rather than on unity, on the rock.


It is the Word of God we should adhere to, where the church is described as the Body of Jesus, Ephesians 1:22-23. There, church is not mentioned in the sense of an organization or a fellowship. This definition we should have as a starting point, not the world's definition of church. We need to find out what God's Word puts into the word church. Otherwise, we will be deceived. He who loves Jesus holds fast to the truth of God's Word, Jhn 14:21.


Elders were appointed in every city, not in every house or fellowship. The elders are mature people, who know the truth and who can help believers come together in freedom. The elders are not general managers (pastors) of organizations or leaders of groups and fellowships. This last is something inherited from the world, where the whole world is drunk and deceived by the harlot's vine or teachings, Rev:17:2


Paul wrote to the church in the city, which is to the believers in the city. He did not write to house churches, to organizations, or fellowships. He probably sent the letters to someone who could spread the message to the faithful around town. There is no house church or big church, only the body of Jesus. House churches, local churches and denominations are all part of the harlot's system.


The church in the city thus describes the believers in the city. God also gives directions for the church as it gathers, 1 Corinthians 14:26 +. In Jerusalem, the church came together in homes, etc. However, there are never mention of several churches in Jerusalem, even though there were thousands of believers there. The church in a city describes only the believers in the city, while the church in someone's house only describes the believers in their household. So we can't choose a church. We are born into the church. When the church is in plural, like the churches in Asia, it describes only the believers in the various cities in the region. I understand that this may be difficult for many to understand, since the whole world is brainwashed with the harlot's teachings and sorcery.


We see, then, that the believers were in the habit of gathering in the homes, but that there were never several churches in a city. Thus, God's church is free to gather and to follow Jesus. To freedom Christ has set us free, Gal 5:1. However, it is not good to have too much freedom when the believers gather. We should be free to speak in the Spirit, with order, one at a time. Disorder, small talk and carnal speech should be avoided. We are not to give freedom to the flesh. Mature brethren should help keep order. However, some brethren, who do not know the Spirit, may sometimes have a tendency to quench the Spirit. False pastors can thus often be in a position to do so.

Something to think about:

If you can't like the above or the following, you are probably already duped, scammed, brainwashed and bewitched


The wine of the harlot or the whore's teaching.


Those who live on earth have been drunk by the wine of the harlot's fornication, Rev 17:2-3. What then is this harlot wine or her teaching? It must be a teaching based on adultery against Christ.


God wants us to love Jesus, give our loyalty to Him, with all our hearts. When we do that, He gives us eternal life and we become members of His body, which is the church. The harlot, on the other hand, teaches us that there is not just one church, but many. It teaches that member organizations, companies, institutions, groups and ministries also can be churches, that the world dressed as a church also are real Christian churches. It teaches that we must give our loyalty to these as well. Thus they teach us that we must not love God alone, but also the world.


This whole system of churches is thus based on adultery against Christ and must be what the Bible refers to as the harlot or harlots. Their organizations are called churches. The day-to-day leaders or CEOs are called pastors, priests and bishops. The founders are called apostles, while the board members are called elders etc. This terminology, teaching or brainwashing is a kind of witchcraft that has deceived many from the love of Christ, from being loyal to Christ alone. There has thus been a great apostasy from loyalto to Christ alone, which may well be what the Bible refers to as the Great Apostasy, 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

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